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The department of mechanical engineering, Faculty of Engineering - Rabigh, King Abdulaziz University was established in 2009 to be one of the pioneer engineering institute in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The mechanical engineering is a wide specialization which has relation with all fields of life. The graduate of the mechanical engineering is a potential candidate to become one of the pillars of the nation’s industry, and the graduates may find good opportunities in different sectors especially in the fields of operation, maintenance, analysis, design and development in mechanical and mechatronic systems, and many others..

The department of mechanical engineering has implemented several initiatives to meet changes around the world and industrial needs. As a result, a new study plan of undergraduate program was designed based on well-known academic standards to meet the market requirements in this important area in the Kingdom. The department is provided with a highly qualified scientific faculties and staffs. Finally, new developed laboratories with highly accurate instruments are established to use recent techniques and ensure quality and accreditation requirements.



Innovation and leadership in education of mechanical engineering and applied research.


To prepare a distinguished graduate having analytical capabilities, creativity and innovation to keep up with evolution of the latest engineering fields and to conduct scientific research and provide training programs that contribute to community service and development of the environment


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The Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the largest department in the Faculty of Engineering-Rabigh. With unlimited support from King Abdulaziz University to achieve the university's mission, which is based on three axes: community responsibility, knowledge development, research and innovation, and entrepreneurship, the Department of Mechanical Engineering offers its programs for bachelor's and postgraduate studies to achieve the mission. Alsom we have been prepared as an ongoing development the study plan, follow best educational practices in teaching, collaborate and participate in research supported by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry's Office of Development Departments and the University's Office of Institutional Support, and support and motivate students to participate in local and international scientific meetings in graduation projects, industry visits and building effective partnerships. Propose postgraduate programs in renewable energy, water and manufacturing serve saudi vision 2030 targets

As part of the system of work at King Abdulaziz University and the Faculty of Engineering-Rabigh, the Department of Mechanical Engineering adheres to quality standards in its internal procedure system, seeking the continuity of academic accreditation that has been accrediated in 2016, and are most proud of the department's staff of faculty, technicians, administrators and students seeking to achieve the department's vision of innovation and leadership in the teaching of mechanical engineering and modern applied research.

Dr. Eydhah Almatrafi

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